Why Partner With Us

Place-based entities like community foundations, family foundations and other philanthropic organizations are increasingly embarking on a new value proposition that centers social equity in all facets of their work and complements traditional grantmaking with local community investments to achieve greater local impact. 

& Niche

  • We are deeply committed to principles of racial equity and social justice

  • We understand the unique complexities of foundations and equity-focused community investing  


  • We bring cross-disciplinary expertise from philanthropy, investment management, banking, affordable housing, and community development finance

  • We understand the intricacies of the community development environment and how to work collaboratively across stakeholder groups


We know how to leverage capital across asset classes and the full spectrum of impact investing strategies including recoverable grants, guarantees, program- and mission-related investments

Our Values

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We believe that a stable and secure financial future should be accessible to everyone.​


We believe that systemic oppression has kept many Black, Indigenous, Hispanic/Latina(o), Asian and other marginalized populations from achieving financial stability and security.​


We believe diversity in the finance and investment industry should be more reflective of our society.​


We believe we have the power to create positive change through the work we do, by:​

  • Helping foundations understand how their investment policies and practices may not be contributing to principles of diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Providing education to foundation boards, committees, leaders, staff and investment consultants

  • Advancing alternative underwriting due diligence standards that expand access to credit to communities of color and that allocate more capital to diverse-owned asset managers

Our Team