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We offer a wide array of services that are custom fit to align more of your assets towards achieving your mission. Regardless of your geography, budget or impact focus, we provide the expertise and partnership you need to create a successful community impact loan fund.


Your Impact or Mission Related Investing program begins to take form the moment we have our first conversation. During our initial visit we'll help you decide if designing and implementing a program in your foundation make sense. Once that determination is made we help you develop a custom framework for your program followed by a complete design and implementation plan and process. Upon completion your organization will have everything you need in place to make your first investment. ​


Community Capital Advisors provides comprehensive monitoring and reporting of each community loan or impact investment your foundation makes. In most cases semi-annual reporting is adequate and appropriate but we are always available to address any timely matters that may arise. Annually we'll provide your organization with a comprehensive report designed to share with donors and your community so that you can continue to promote the program and its success.


​​Each community loan or impact investment your foundation chooses to make requires detailed due diligence of the opportunity. Often your foundation has already conducted a fair amount of analysis of the organization in which you plan to invest because your impact investments will be most often made with your grantees. We take it a few steps further with a more comprehensive analysis of the organization as well as the specific opportunity. Our due diligence process helps you meet your fiduciary responsibility, mitigate the risk on your investment and deepens your relationship with the organizations in which you chose to invest.


​Most often donors are driving a foundation's interest in creating a loan fund. Donors would like to direct the investment of some portion of their advised funds into local community impact investments. Foundations are also recognizing the significant opportunity that a donor and community loan pool represents for attracting new donors, engaging new partners and increasing their impact in their community. 


Some foundations have existing community loan or impact investment programs or investments that require a review and analysis to ensure that their programs or investments are not only performing well but continue to meet your organizations goals. Your foundation has a duty and responsibility to your donors to ensure that your investments and program are successful and if not to take appropriate action. ​

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