Office Group Discussion


Community Capital Advisors (CCA) provides foundations and mission-driven organizations nationwide with leading insight, services and partnership to accelerate their mission. We help foundations align their investment capital and practices with their missions to advance racial equity, inclusive economies, sustainable growth and healthy communities. Regardless of geography, budget or impact focus, CCA provides the expertise and partnership you need to successfully invest for community impact. Simply put, CCA helps organizations advance their local impact and social equity objectives.


Areas of practice include:

  • Custom place-based research and analysis

  • Assessing capital gaps, defining opportunities, and developing a strategy framework

  • Designing and implementing community impact loan funds

  • Developing impact objectives and impact investment policy statements

  • Underwriting and closing one-off transactions

  • Program and portfolio audits and structuring for success

  • Conducting impact-oriented investment consultant searches and request for proposal (RFP) process

  • Racial equity audit of investment policies and practices

  • Board and staff training on Program and Mission Related Investing

  • Financial and social impact due diligence

  • Portfolio management and reporting financial and social returns