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Managing a successful loan fund is no small task. We welcome you to our growing library of resources for community and institutional foundations - whether you're considering a loan fund, re-evaluating your loan fund, or looking for innovative ideas from the field. 

Interviews With Thought Leaders

Fintech - How Technology is Changing the World of Finance

Marc Rand of Community Capital Advisors interviews Vivienne Hsu, Founder and CEO of LENDonate, a marketplace lending platform that connects investors and philanthropists with nonprofits. Marc and Vivienne discuss the technological innovations that have changed the world of finance. They also talk about nonprofit lending and lender profiles in impact investing. Clink on the links below to watch each clip:

Clip 1: What is Fintech?

Clip 2: Innovations in Philanthropy

Clip 3: Nonprofit Lending

Clip 4: Impact Investing Lender Profiles

Impact Investing with a Gender Lens

Marc Rand of Community Capital Advisors interviews Kaylene Alvarez, CEO of Athena Global Alliance, a woman-owned consulting firm applying private sector financing approaches to solve traditional development challenges. Marc and Kaylene discuss the disparities women face in finance, differences in impact investing in the U.S. versus other countries, recent trends in women-dominated industries, the role of impact investing for businesses led by women of color, and many other topics. Clink on the links below to watch each clip:

Clip 1: The Value of Diverse Committees

Clip 2: Impact Investing in the U.S. Versus Elsewhere

Clip 3: Role of Impact Investing for Businesses Led by Women of Color

Clip 4: Challenges of Being of Woman in Finance

Clip 5: Helping a Female Entrepreneur During COVID

Overview of CDFIs and How They Support Small Businesses

Sarah Bennett of Community Capital Advisors interviews Elizabeth Schott, CEO of Accessity (formerly Accion), a CDFI serving small businesses in Southern California. They explore topics such as what the small business community needs most during COVID, how CDFIs are stepping up to meet those needs, and how foundations can best partner with CDFIs like Accessity. 

Clip 1:  CDFIs as Economic First Responders

Clip 2: CDFIs Supporting Small Businesses through COVID

Clip 3: Overview of the CDFI Industry

Clip 4: Investing in CDFIs: Due Diligence & Identifying Needs

Clip 5: Impacting Small Businesses and Creating a Ripple Effect

The Importance of Lending to People of Color 

Ra’Shaud Haines, Community Investment Fund Manager of Foundation for Louisiana, discusses lending to entrepreneurs of color with Marc Rand, Managing Partner of Community Capital Advisors. Their conversation starts off with how race and class have affected communities of color, especially entrepreneurs, and why it is so important to support people of color through traditional banking. Furthermore, they discuss what lenders should consider when lending to entrepreneurs, and give their thoughts on the lack of banks that are owned and operated by people of color.

Investing in Farmers

Reggie Knox, Executive Director of California FarmLink, discusses investing in farmers with Marc Rand. They talk about how to support small farmers, different policies that affect them, and what resilience looks like in this community.  They also discuss racism faced by farmers of color, and how to avoid these pitfalls.  

Community Foundation Impact Investing

Susan Farrar, Chief Operating and Financial Officer of Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County (CFSCC), discusses impact investing with Marc Rand. Their conversation covers her 20 year tenure at CFSCC, how the foundation got into impact investing over time, engaging stakeholders across board, donors, and executive staff leadership in the process. Today, the foundation currently manages $136 million portfolio through 625 funds, including $12.6 million in annual grantmaking - with the majority coming from donor advised funds. 

Templates and Guides

COVID-19 Response Checklist

Basic organizational functions for managing the current crisis, covers most of the basic

13 Items to Consider

From fund size to impact metrics, what you should consider when starting a loan fund.

12 month cash flow template

Excel template for nonprofit cash flow. Includes consolidated financial statements, projections, other templates.

Loan Fund Tune-up

What unmet needs are you addressing? How are you tracking capital? Key questions for loan fund success.

Affordable Housing Webinar

Document and webinar discussing aspects of impact investing and affordable housing.