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Social Justice Statement

As a nation, we are grappling with fundamental truths about our world marked by heinous acts of violence and inequitable policies inflicted upon and directed at black, brown, indigenous, Asian, LGBTQ, and other marginalized people. 

We recognize and acknowledge our history holds centuries of oppression and systemic racism that lives on today. This must change. We understand that the work that has been done to address racial injustice requires further effort, and we need to do more.

We commit to continuing to listen and learn and advocate for meeting the needs of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) communities and other marginalized people—and to help create an equitable financial system, as we believe a brighter financial future should be accessible to everyone.

We are committed to the pursuit of racial and social justice by enabling the flow of philanthropic capital to more BIPOC owned or led asset managers, entrepreneurs, communities and community serving nonprofits.

We promise to work to seek justice and to better support communities of color and BIPOC-led nonprofits and funders through our services and through the education of non-BIPOC asset owners, allocators and intermediaries.


We pledge to help our clients incorporate alternative due diligence benchmarks and standards that expand access to credit to communities of color and organizations led by people of color, and that allocate more capital to diverse-owned asset managers in parity with national demographic representation.

What We Believe

We believe that a stable and secure financial future should be accessible to everyone.

We believe that systemic oppression has kept many Black, Indigenous, Hispanic/Latina(o), Asian and other marginalized populations from achieving financial stability and security.

We believe diversity in the finance and investment industry should be more reflective of our society.

We believe we have the power to create positive change through the work we do, by:

  • Helping foundations understand how their investment policies and practices may not be contributing to principles of diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Providing education to foundation boards, committees, leaders, staff and investment consultants

  • Advancing alternative underwriting due diligence standards that expand access to credit to communities of color and that allocate more capital to diverse-owned asset managers

Personal Social Justice Statements

"Principles of racial equity, social justice and celebrating diversity have defined my personal values and professional pursuits throughout my life. My father, his parents and my mother's grandparents were all first-generation immigrants, as were my wife’s parents who immigrated from Mexico. As the child of immigrants that experienced racial and ethnic prejudices, and as a parent of two multi-ethnic sons, I am deeply committed to a world where investment capital is aligned with social justice values and used as a tool for positive social change."  — Bert Feuss
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