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13 Items to Consider When Starting A Loan Fund

A friendly guide for foundation and nonprofit teams interested in establishing a loan fund to align more assets to achieve mission.

about the guide

Screenshot of the pages from the downloadable PDF

We prepared this guide using elements of our client process to provide foundations with a tool they can use to better understand some of the considerations they will have in creating a loan fund. Using this guide you can begin to have a more detailed conversation in your organization about some of the most important aspects of creating and managing a nonprofit loan fund.

At Community Capital Advisors, we work with several foundations to create, build and operate their loan funds. We start by providing clients with a better understanding of impact investing and why loan funds are the most appropriate foundation for their impact investing strategy. We then help clients form a committee in their organization to determine how their fund will operate and to also guide and advise them. The initial work of this loan or impact investing committee is to begin to determine the policies and procedures for their fund or to create a policy framework.

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