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Racial Equity Assessment: Applying a Racial Equity Lens to Your Investment Process

Looking to align your investment practices with your racial justice objectives? Community Capital Advisors, in partnership with The Racial Equity Asset Lab (REAL), can guide the process to help you advance racial equity through investment policy & practices as well as organizational accountability.

about the Framework

The Racial Equity Assessment Framework was developed by The Racial Equity Asset Lab (The REAL) as a tool to help foundations evaluate their investment policies and practices for racial equity. The assessment process and detailed implementation roadmap is based on a decade of collaboration and experience by the practice leads as advocates and practitioners of bringing an equity lens to foundation and investment consultant practices and increasing allocations to talented diverse asset managers.

Screenshot of the pages from the downloadable PDF

Application of The Racial Equity Assessment Framework to your investment practices and policies is available as a consulting service through Community Capital Advisors. Engagements are typically 2 to 3 months in duration and include the activities listed in the downloadable PDF.


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