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Projecting Cash Flow Webinar

In response to COVID-19, we wanted to share some free resources to help small businesses and non-profits think through their operational response and plans for financial continuity.

In this webinar, you will gain a clear understanding how to produce 12-month cash flows, plan for multiple scenarios (best, most likely, and worst-case scenarios) and the full suite of forecast tools listed below.

The webinar will cover the following agenda:

  • How to produce a clear 12-month cash flow projection

  • What to consider when scenario planning, including:

> Revenue Shocks

> Expense Shocks

> Funding delays

> Staff and HR Crisis

> Increased Services Demand

  • ·An overview of tools and resources for handling the crisis, adjusting the organization, and meeting the needs of the community in these trying times

> 12-month cash flow projection tool

> Check lists for operations and finance

> Resources, including grants, loans, and technical information

Acknowledging the disruption in services and the uncertainty of future funding, it’s time to take stock of resources and begin to create financial contingency plans. Small and medium sized organizations, which in any typical day lack resources, will likely be most affected. Smaller organizations are struggling due to the lack of cash reserves and financially focused human resources.

If desired, there are 1:1 follow up sessions designed to support Executive Directors, CFOs, and board members. To schedule, contact:


Free Resources from this Webinar:


Please consider sharing with others who might benefit from these resources!

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Dec 13, 2022

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