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Knowledge Resources for Nonprofits

While Community Capital Advisors focuses on providing direct consulting services to our foundation clients and other partners on impact investing, we know that it is equally important to cultivate capacity on the receiving side of capital.

Our sister organization, American Nonprofits, focuses on connecting nonprofit professionals around the nation to aligned capital and resources. American Nonprofits also lends directly to California-based nonprofits that support under-served communities.

In support of connecting these two worlds, we aim to share knowledge that helps both sectors continue to do their work successfully – and allows them to create more meaningful and synergistic connections when the time is right.

Today, we wanted to share a few previously published resources aimed at supporting our nonprofit partners in doing great work. Below is a series of articles by CCA Director, Marc Rand, as featured in Blue Avocado – an online magazine through the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance for community-based nonprofits.

We hope you’ll share these with a nonprofit you love as we work to create a better world, together.

Tools for Non-Profits: Fundraising & Finance

Tools for Non-Profits: Governance & State of the Field


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