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Impact Portfolio Monitoring FOR CFSCC

See how CCA reports on donor advised portfolios as well as a foundation's Community Investment Revolving Fund. In collaboration with Morgan Stanley's Greystone, we reported on the financial health and social impact of our client's portfolio.

The client

Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County (CFSCC) invests in nonprofits that support the foundation's strategic initiatives.

"While the grant money is appreciated, how the Community Foundation shows up and cares is equally, if not more, valuable. It feels like we are not alone.”

~Anonymous CZU Fire Survivor (2021 Report to the Community)


Key Findings and impact

Through our collaboration with CFSCC, we were able to find the following areas to watch:

  • Financial and social impact reporting at several organizations continues to be challenging. Audited financial statements and impact data is either late, missing, or incorrect. This may be a function of staffing, delays due to Covid, or poor underlying financial reporting. When underwriting new investments, CCA will make sure organizations have the reporting capacity as well as the financial capacity to repay a loan.

  • Affordable housing development is typically time consuming, difficult, and fraught with challenges due to neighbors, cost overruns, and delays. However, once complete, housing provides long-term solutions for the most pressing challenges. As the Foundation supports several affordable housing developments, CCA will continue to monitor the progress of each organization/project and address concerns.

Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County community gathering outdoors
Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County community gathering outdoors


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