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Reaching BIPOC Audiences Using Philanthropy

We had a great 3-part discussion with Kimberley Rudd, President and Senior Counselor of Rudd Resources, about how nonprofits and philanthropic organizations can improve their strategic communications and marketing.

Our top takeaways include:

  1. The three key elements of communication strategy are basic: Goal, Audience, and Tactics.

  2. Apply focused authentic messaging that allows the target audience to just know how they fit in and that works for and can be brought to all communities.

  3. For companies wanting to diversify their operations and diversify who they work with it is important to be willing to experiment and employ a communication channel that might seem unconventional but is a tried and true tactic for a community.

  4. Approaches that work well are companies that are willing to be nimble in their timeline, organizations where leadership is also involved and learning along with everyone else, and being a good observer. An approach that doesn’t work well is forgetting to include the team.

  5. For nonprofits seeking to reach new audiences some things to do are look for partners in the new communities, be authentic when becoming active in a partners community, start consuming the media that the community consumes, and become a patron. Some things to avoid are generalizations, leading conversations with data and past experiences, trying to do too much too fast, and trying to get people from the communities you want to reach to work for free.

Enjoy all our sessions below! More information about Kim and Rudd Resources can be found at their website

Click on the links below to watch each clip.

The Three Key Elements of an Effective Communication Strategy for BIPOC Communities

In the first part of our interview, Marc and Kim discuss Kim's background, what Rudd Resources does and the clients they serve, and the three key elements for an effective communication strategy.

How to Reach New BIPOC Audiences Using Philanthropy

In this second part of Marc's Interview with Kim Rudd they discuss how philanthropy can be used to try and reach new audiences and what works well and what doesn’t within BIPOC communities.

Kim Rudd's Top Tips for Nonprofits to Reach New Audiences

In the final part of our interview with Kim Rudd she discusses with Marc some big picture tips for nonprofits seeking to reach new audiences, some things to do and some things to avoid, and ways to measure success.


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