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Impact Investing Task Force With SV2

After completing an organizational assessment for a social venture fund, CCA helped reposition the organization to focus its offerings and achieve greater impact.

Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund

SV2 is a community of more than 200 individuals and families who have come together to learn about effective giving and pool our resources to support innovative social ventures.

SV2’s model of engaged, collaborative giving has four components: grants and impact investing, learning programs, capacity building, and family engagement. This powerful combination of activities enables us to learn more and create more impact than we could on our own.

"Learning together with a terrific group of partners as we evaluate the potential investments is energizing. I am surprised to discover how good it feels to make investments aligned with your values." ~Tony Stayner, SV2 Partner


stakeholder interview findings

We provided stakeholder interview findings, which included, but weren't limited to, impact investing priorities, 3-5 year success mapping, and value proposition clarity.

To ensure SV2 could take value-aligned action, our suggested improvements included how to incorporate a diversity, equity, and inclusion-centered approach.

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