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Community Lending Peer Benchmarking Study

The biennial Mission Investors Exchange National Conference is one of the most anticipated events for impact investors in philanthropy, offering an action-focused and collaborative space for foundations to build partnerships, experience on-the-ground impact investments, and more.


At the MIE National Conference 2022, CCA presented the Community Lending Peer Benchmarking Study. We were able to deep dive into respondent characteristics, sources of loan capital, and more! Attendees were able to come away with insights such as:

  • Most began with a carve out from their investment portfolio

  • The #1 motivation for launching a loan program was to advance racial equity and social justice

  • Only 50% reported having formal procedures and process maps in place. 35% or less have committee charters, underwriting guidelines, or risk rating systems in place

  • Our research into rates to borrowers revealed:

    • Rates ranged from 0% to 12%

    • Average interest rate of 2.7%

    • Most mentioned rate is 3%

    • Many offer loans at 1%

Screenshots of the slide deck from the presentation


Mission Investors Exchange

Mission Investors Exchange is the leading impact investing network for foundations dedicated to deploying capital for social and environmental change. With over 200 members, we provide resources, inspiration, and connections to help our members increase the scale and impact of their impact investing practice. Members come to Mission Investors Exchange and each other for best practices, new investment opportunities, deal partnerships, and innovations in impact investing around the world. (Website)


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