Building Homes


Why Partner With Us?

Place-based entities like community foundations, family foundations and other philanthropic organizations are increasingly embarking on a new value proposition that centers social equity in all facets of their work and complements traditional grantmaking with local community investments to achieve greater local impact. 

CCA offers expert guidance through the entire process of designing and implementing equity-focused, place-based investment strategies.  We draw on first-hand experience as practitioners and leaders across various domains to help place-based funders achieve greater impact by aligning their investment capital, policies and practices with their mission and goals to build vibrant inclusive communities. 

  • We are deeply committed to principles of racial equity and social justice

  • We bring cross-disciplinary expertise from philanthropy, investment management, banking, affordable housing, and community development finance

  • We understand the unique complexities of foundations and equity-focused community investing  

  • We understand the intricacies of the community development environment and how to work collaboratively across stakeholder groups

  • We know how to leverage capital across asset classes and the full spectrum of impact investing strategies including recoverable grants, guarantees, program- and mission-related investments


With CCA’s support, your organization is better equipped to make community investments, directly and in collaboration with other investors, donors, government and community development financial institutions: 

  • We guide you through the entire process of design through implementation, and then provide ongoing day-to-day support of operations and administration

  • We help you with education, communications and consensus building that are responsive to board members, grantees, donors and the broader community

  • We help you achieve your public benefit purpose as an institutional asset owner by influencing an equitable flow of capital through the economy and ultimately to the communities you serve

  • We support your compliance with fiduciary duties of care and obedience


And for those who need it, CCA provides an outsourced solution for ongoing due diligence, monitoring and reporting so that even the smallest foundations can align their capital with their mission and accelerate impact.

Learn more about our services and the value that CCA can provide your organization.